Muzzleloader PSA

by Miles

This Youtube clip was published in 2011 but it shows some very serious safety precautions to be taken when using muzzleloaders. The shooter has an inline muzzleloader, but left his powder charge open on the table, directly underneath the rifle as it was being fired. As soon as the round fired, the entire charge ignites and engulfs him in a ball of fire. It appears that he turned out okay afterwards, but I’m sure he’ll be wearing eye protection next time, and take better care of his powder containers in the future. I’ve only had significant experience shooting traditional percussion muzzleloaders at a summer camp in New Mexico and don’t recall safety warnings about this kind of thing happening. But should I get into the sport or be around a muzzleloader, I’ve certainly learned a valuable lesson from this video. I imagine the argument could be made that this could happen alot easier with some of the older powders where you actually pour them down the muzzle, and not with the newer, inline powder pellets. However it doesn’t seem to matter, as black powder is very flammable and must be treated properly and responsibly when being used on the range. Keep your powder covered folks!


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  • BrandonAKsALot BrandonAKsALot on Dec 30, 2015

    You'll shoot your eye out.

  • John Henry Bicycle Lucas John Henry Bicycle Lucas on Jan 02, 2016

    Black powder is explosive. Smokeless powder is extremely flammable. There is a lot of difference when it is touched off like that in the open.

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    • John Henry Bicycle Lucas John Henry Bicycle Lucas on Jan 02, 2016

      @wzrd1 I have found that pyrodex is just as corrosive, and really is not smokeless. Far from it. It and all others I have tried do not impress me at all. It does take less powder to send projectiles downrange. I guess that would be about the only thing that might be an advantage.

      Oh, and it does not have that low pitch boom like black powder does :)