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Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Grant Cunningham

The Personal Defense Network published a series of safety tips for the holiday season.

The first article is called Gift of Personal Safety and Other Holiday Security Tips. Author Grant Cunningham addresses sensible precautions that people can take during this time of the year. In addition to talking about holiday events and security at home, Cunningham tackles an issue that many people are afraid to: safety at houses of worship. Although attacks on people of faith have happened, there are many who wish to avoid the topic altogether. Cunningham has a special background in this area and speaks with both knowledge and experience. Some might know Cunningham from his revolver smithing or his recent series on bullpup rifles.

The second article in the series is called Holiday Safety and Security and was written by Paul Carlson. In this article, Carlson provides three specific tips that work well during this season. All of the suggestions are a perfect compliment to the act of carrying a concealed firearm for self defense.

Wrapping up the safety article trilogy is a missive from Deryck Poole called Holiday Season Security Tips. Poole hits on additional safety and crime reduction topics such as package delivery and donating to charitable causes when out and about.

All three of these writers have a very practical approach to self-defense. Although each is a very good firearms instructor, all of them believe that a gun is only part of the solution for a small set of problems. Many self-defense encounters can be avoided with proper planning, and avoiding a fight is the only way to guarantee you will win.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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