New Triple Barrel Shotguns

    3 barrel shotgun

    Chiappa Firearms introduced the company’s Triple Barrel shotgun a few years back. In January, the company will unveil two new versions of the shotgun: one in 20 gauge and another in 28 gauge. The 20 gauge is called the Triple Threat while the 28 gauge shotgun is called the Triple Crown.

    The Triple Barrel shotgun has three barrels arranged in a pyramid shape. Two barrels in a side-by-side arrangement are on the bottom while a third is centered above the lower two. Until now, the gun has only been available in 12 gauge though there have been a variety of options available.

    New guns will feature wood furniture. The Triple Threat buttstock is removable for compact storage. The gun will shoot without the buttstock if you like the idea of a triple barrel shotgun with a pistol grip.

    Both shotguns come five chokes: skeet, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified and full. The chokes use the Remington thread pattern.

    The suggested retail price of the 20 gauge is $2,079. The 28 gauge shotgun is a little cheaper at only $2,039.

    Chiappa builds a variety of firearms beyond these unique shotguns. The company makes a variety of reproduction guns and also a large number of .22 LR guns. One of the .22 LR rifles the company introduced this year was the LA332 Deluxe: a lever action rimfire.

    Richard Johnson

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