New PTAC USA and Apex Elite Combat Pistol

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We’re in the less-than-a-month countdown leading up to SHOT Show 2016 and as usual new products are being announced by various companies. Among those is a new gun from PTAC USA, the Elite Combat Pistol. The new pistol is being produced in a collaborative effort with Apex.

The Elite Combat Pistol is based on Smith and Wesson’s 9mm M&P. According to PTAC USA it features a number of upgrades and features from various outside companies including Apex, Trijicon, and 10-8 Performance. Among those features is the Apex Forward Set Sear and Trigger System. According to the company, that particular system is designed to give the striker-fired pistol a trigger pull that resembles that of a 1911. The system includes Apex’s Ultimate Striker Block and Forward Set Spring Kit.

Sights on the new pistol are Trijicon’s HD Night Sights which feature an orange front sight and black rear sight with Tritium inserts for night shooting. The gun’s frame is textured on all sides for a positive grip in a variety of situations. Other features are listed by PTAC USA as including the following:

“To insure consistent, durable performance under extreme conditions the slide of the ECP is machined with front cocking serrations, for easier slide manipulation, as well as top slide scales that further reduce any glare from the Matte Black Nitride finish of the slide. The rear of the slide is equipped with a serrated aluminum backplate that is Type 3 Hardcoat Anodized in Matte Black to help reduce glare the shooter might experience in bright conditions when looking down the sights.” (PTAC USA/Apex press release excerpt, spelling is theirs)

The Elite Compact Pistol, or ECP as the company is referring to it, is available now. Take a look at the company’s site for more information:

Features and Specifications: Apex Aluminum Forward Set Trigger & Sear System – Apex Failure Resistant Extractor – Apex 10-8 Performance Base Pads – Trijicon HD Night Sights – Machine Lightened Slide – Forward Cocking Serrations – Full Top Strap Serrations – Serrated Aluminum Back Plate – Black Nitride Matte Slide Finish – Aluminum Titanium Nitride Barrel Finish – Two 17-Round Magazines – Shipped In High Quality Shooting Bag – MSRP: $1,999.95

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  • Seamus Bradley Seamus Bradley on Dec 30, 2015

    I try not to question the business acumen of others but this does really make me wonder. My question is if all the upgrades are simply drop in components why the $$1500 markup? I get that there was some CNC machine work done but seemingly not that much. $2000 is a hell of a lot for a rifle, let alone a pistol. IMHO most of these guns will be nothing more than safe queens.

  • Secundius Secundius on Jan 02, 2016

    @ TFB.

    Do you guy's, "Go Out of Your Way" to find the Darkest Photograph of a Gun Related Product. Before Reviewing the Product...