New Chiappa Double Badger

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson

Chiappa Firearms will show a new Double Badger combo gun at the 2016 SHOT Show next month. The Double Badgers are double barrel long guns arranged in an over-under configuration. The top barrel is rifled and set up for a rimfire cartridge, while the lower barrel is a smooth bore and chambered for a shotshell.

The new Double Badger guns are chambered for the .22 LR on top and the 20 gauge on the bottom. Existing guns use a .410 bore shotshell.

The shotgun barrel is set up for Remington chokes. It comes with a modified choke.


Chiappa equips the gun with a fiber optic front sight. A ghost ring rear is standard. The receiver is also drilled and tapped for the addition of rings and a scope.

These guns can fold in half for compact storage and transport. Folded, the gun is only 21.2″ long. The gun weighs 6.8 pounds unloaded. The suggested retail price of this gun is $499.

Chiappa Firearms manufactures a variety of firearms including reproduction guns from history such as this Winchester 1887 clone. One of those is a reproduction M1 Carbine that is chambered in 9mm. Possibly the most interesting thing the company has introduced in recent years is the triple barreled shotgun that was first seen in the fall of 2012.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • Nashvone Nashvone on Dec 29, 2015

    My first gun was a 410/22 combo. My uncle used it to practice his amateur gunsmith skills. I miss that gun.

  • Jason Jason on Dec 31, 2015

    The 22LR / .410 is $305. Bumping the shotgun barrel to 20ga increases the price $195?