Glock MOS. G17 and G19. Coming Soon to the U.S.

    Rumor mill engage…  One of our readers sent in the above image detailing what appears to be a number of SKUs that very recently dropped into a distributor database.  The SKUs are for Glock G17 and G19 MOS handguns.  For some background on the MOS, we had published a review from Range Day at SHOT 2015.

    Here in the US we have only had access to the G34, G35, G40, and G41 variants (though the G17 and G19 have been available overseas since April I believe).

    Personally I’ve never run a pistol with optics.  The idea makes sense from a fast acquisition standpoint, but since I generally carry concealed, I can’t imagine trying to secrete a pistol with a tall sight on it.  Maybe for pistol competition, I suppose.  But even there, I’m not sure if it is cool to run your pistol with optics–can anyone speak to that?  I don’t recall seeing anyone at my local 3-Gun club that does.  Overall I don’t see the practicality for anything other than a dedicated competition gun.

    That said, have the ability to easily mount them on a gun without having to engage the services of a machinist is great.  Buying one with that off the shelf versatility does have some appeal to me, though there are certainly some aftermarket mounting options available that use the dovetail.

    Has anyone had hands on with ANY of the Glock MOS guns?  What are your thoughts?  What about optics on a pistol?

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