Freedom Munitions Release Steel Case Ammo Line – "American Steel"

Nathan S
by Nathan S

Freedom Munitions, known for their affordable direct-to-consumer reloaded and new ammunition has released their new steel cased American Steel line of ammunition. Looks are a bit deceiving, as the case does look to be brass but it is only brass-plated.

The new American Steel line is being launched in newly-loaded 9mm featuring X-Treme bullets 115gr. FMJ loadings only. The bullets are not bi-metal rounds like those typically found in imported steel-cased ammunition. Velocity is rated at 1090 fps with Freedom Munitions reporting the load uses the same powders and primers as their standard new and re-manufactured ammunition.

Freedom Munitions is blunt about the intended purpose of the ammunition – cheap practice ammunition and even links to their Super Match for those looking for true competition ammunition. That said, for local 3-gun matches, I see this being used agreeably (especially since I do not reload).

Pricing is most agreeable, with prices per round hovering around and below $.20 (not including shipping). No word on additional calibers or loadings, but given Freedom Munitions’ constant expansion, I think its just a matter of time. Those interested can peruse the various quantities direct at Freedom Munition’s website.

Sadly, even with the brass plating, the ammunition is not re-loadable. On the flip side, all cases are made in America.

Nathan S
Nathan S

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