Lightweight Desert Eagle Pistols

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
lightweight deagle

Magnum Research announced the introduction of two new lightweight versions of its iconic Desert Eagle pistol. Both weigh substantially less than the original models, yet still handle full power loads.

The first is the new Mark XIX L5 pistol chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge. With an empty magazine, this pistol weighs 3 pounds, 2 ounces. The original gun weighs 4 pounds, 8.4 ounces.

So, how does Magnum Research shave more than a pound from the gun? Well, to start with the company dropped the barrel length from 6″ to 5″. That saves weight on both the barrel and slide. Second, the frame is now made of aluminum instead of steel.

Magnum research adds an integral muzzle brake, Hogue grips and a 9-round magazine to round out the package. The suggested retail price is $1,790. The basic black Desert Eagle in the original configuration lists for $1,572.

The second new lightweight handgun is the Mark XIX L6 chambered for the .50 AE. It runs about 12 ounces lighter than the original. The weight savings is largely due to the use of an aluminum frame. This gun ships with a 7-round magazine. It has a retail price of $2,054.

According to Magnum Research, these guns use the same magazines as the original guns.

I don’t know if the weight savings will increase sales across the line, but I am more interested in them than simply adding a cheetah print finish. Of course, Magnum Research does a lot more than built the Deagle. The company also sells other guns like 1911-style pistols.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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