Portuguese Army HK416A5s

by Miles

A report by Janes Defense has highlighted the purchase of 24 additional 5.56x45mm HK416A5 rifles and four 7.62x51mm G28 (HK417) rifles by Portugal for their Rapid Reaction Brigade (SOF). This is in addition to 18 rifles in November of 2014, and 22 HK416s in February of this year. This recent purchase brings the total amount of HK416s to 64 that have been reported to the media, or essentially enough for a reinforced platoon. Now, seeing that these purchases are more or less in sets of 20, I’m assuming that each batch is going to a separate and new team of their SOF, with each team retiring the service rifles they had before, at the rate that they are going with now. The rifles come equipped with a number of goodies, to include bipods, PMags, Aimpoints, AN/PEQ 16s, suppressors with Manta M700 shrouds, and the picture appears to have a high power optic with Accuracy International scope caps (not sure if these are made by AI, because I’ve seen Schmitt & Bender scopes with AI adjustment caps). Barrel lengths are ranging from 14.5 inch barrels for some batches and 16.5 for others. It is interesting to see a number of features on their weapon systems that imitate some American tendencies. Such as the PEQ16s, zip tieing their attachments, and their choice in accessories.

The Portuguese Army’s Logistics Command (CmdLog) has ordered a new batch of 5.56×45 mm Heckler & Koch HK416A5 assault rifles for the army’s special forces (Força de Operações Especiais – FOE).

A total of 24 rifles were purchased on 3 December from Heckler & Koch’s Portuguese trader, Defmat, for EUR114,372 (excluding VAT). The batch comprises 20 with a 14.5-inch barrel length and four with 16.5-inch barrels for snipers, together with a comprehensive number of accessories.

Portugal is looking to receive the weapon as soon as possible, a CmdLog source toldIHS Jane’s . Four 7.62×51 mm Heckler & Koch G28 precision rifles were purchased under a separate contract, the source added.

The FOE part of the army’s Rapid Reaction Brigade (BrigRR) received a first batch of 18 HK416A5s in November/December 2014 under a contract signed in early November 2014, with a second batch of 22 rifles procured and received in February 2015, an army spokesperson told IHS Jane’s . These were a mix of rifles with 11-inch and 14.5-inch barrels.

L-3 Warrior Systems AN/PEQ-16A laser devices, Aimpoint Comp4 sights, and a wide array of accessories were also received.


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  • Ayur Sandanov Ayur Sandanov on Dec 17, 2015

    So weird that such low procurements are reported. I'm not knowledgeable in procurement policies or implications, so sorry if it's dumb. But I suspect for example Kremlin FSO patrol units employ more exotic firearms than all these purchases combined. I mean, explain to me if it's appropriate why the fact is important.

  • GS GS on Dec 20, 2015

    What's with the guy shooting the ACOG? No way he can see through that thing with the eye relief of a TA31.