Rapid Magazine Changes with Travis Tomasie

    Mythbusters has been on the air since 2003 and is a favorite of many viewers not only because they prove or disprove myths and experiment with special effects but because they get to play with guns and explosives on a semi-regular basis. Among their various gun-related episodes was one dealing with the reality – or lack thereof – of what they termed the “modern version of the quick draw.” According to hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman viewers had repeatedly asked whether the rapid magazine changes done in movies are actually possible. Although we can all accurately predict the outcome of this one, it’s still an interesting video (and it includes competitive shooter Travis Tomasie, which is pretty cool).

    Adam and Jamie start out by attempting to replicate the aforementioned mag change on their own. At one point they reference the fact that they’ve put a fair amount of lead down-range in their years on Mythbusters which is probably true but doesn’t explain why certain things appear to be, well, outside their area of expertise. Terminology swings back and forth between accurate and grating – clip versus magazine, anyone? – and there are obvious reasons why they cannot manage a rapid magazine change themselves. So how do they put it to rest once and for all? They bring in a pro.

    Travis Tomasie is a competitive shooter and the captain of Team Remington. Of course, he’s not just any shooter, he’s a World Champion. Watching Travis shoot is always awesome and this episode of Mythbusters is no different.

    Of course, if we’re on the topic of truly ludicrous gun-related movie issues, one of my personal pet peeves is endless ammo. Then there’s the sound of a hammer being cocked – on hammerless guns. I could go on, but you get the idea. What’s your biggest gun-related pet peeve in movies?

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