6.5x47mm Lapua for the PRS Bushnell Brawl

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6.5x47mm built by Snipe Custom Arms, LLC

If you’re a serious long-range rifleman, you might be interested in the PRS – Precision Rifle Series. The PRS is a series of competitions for the other PRS – Precision Rifle Shooting. The series has a fantastic reputation and is known for pitting some of our nation’s most talented marksmen against one another. Of course, PRS isn’t just any competition shoot, it’s tactical. There is not a set course for these competitions; the course is designed at the discretion of each competition’s host. Distance for shots could be anywhere between 300 yards and 1000 yards with an emphasis on farther out and more difficult to take, of course. Shots are taken from a wide variety of perches including from atop nets, within hovering helicopters; if it adds an adrenaline-pumping level of difficulty to making that long-range shot, you’re probably going to find it in a PRS competition.

One such competition is the Bushnell Brawl. Last year Shooting USA referred to the Bushnell Brawl as “one of the most challenging” of all PRS competitions. Some shooters are preparing for the 2016 Bushnell Brawl, which takes place in February 2016 in Texas, with new guns. One of those new guns recently made an appearance on the Facebook page of Snipe Custom Arms, and it looked too interesting to pass by.

Snipe Custom Arms posted the images along with the caption saying it will be used for the 2016 Bushnell Brawl. According to the company the rifle is chambered in 6.5x47mm Lapua and features a Broughton barrel, modified Model 7 receiver, and an XLR Element stock. Optics mounted on the rifle are the Vortex Optics Viper PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) MRAD. The optic appears to be the 6-24×50. The Vortex Optics Viper PST is one of the company’s top-tier riflescopes designed to allow the shooter to dial in quickly and has quite a few excellent features (if you want to see for yourself, hit their website at http://www.vortexoptics.com/product/vortex-viper-pst-6-24×50-ffp-riflescope-with-ebr-1-mrad-reticle).

6.5x47mm Lapua is a cartridge not all shooters are familiar with, but it’s got a following within the PRS world. It was designed back in 2005 in Finland by Nammo (Nordic Ammunition Company) Lapua Oy specifically for long-range shooting. It’s made to perform accurately and precisely, traveling at velocities similar to that of the .260 Remington (another cartridge gaining popularity currently). Case length is 47mm, bullet diameter is 6.71mm, and maximum average pressure is 63,090 psi.

There isn’t much I enjoy more than long-range shooting (except for hunting, which is also a lot more fun at longer distances). Lapua definitely has fantastic long-range cartridges. My personal favorite is .338 Lapua Magnum but you do see a fair number of 6.5x47mm-chambered rifles among long-range shooters. This one is a nice build by Snipe Custom Arms and it would be awesome to get some trigger time with it.

Visit Snipe Custom Arms at http://www.snipearms.com/.

Group fired at 100 yards with above-pictured rifle
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  • Underoverlay Underoverlay on Dec 15, 2015

    What the world needs is a bullpup bolt-action chassis for less than halfdecent-used-automobile money...

    Well, our greedy little chunk of the world anyway :-)

    • FightFireJay FightFireJay on Dec 16, 2015

      @ Trigger linkages in bullpups are always a challenge to keep triggers from sucking. Also the ergonomics of working a bolt handle that close to ones shoulder arent the best.

      Low demand makes them low quantity, increasing prices to Kia Sephia levels.

  • Guest Guest on Dec 15, 2015

    6.5mm is a wonderful *bullet*, however there is little if any need to go for any special/exotic cartridge to fit it in. 6,5x55 ("swedish") will do the work just fine, infinitely configurable from slow subsonics to supersonic upto almost a mile with extremely high BC bullets

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    • Uisconfruzed Uisconfruzed on Dec 17, 2015

      @Sunshine_Shooter Yup, the 30 degree shoulder increases efficiency, reduces case stretch and helps the barrel last longer, less throat wear.