Starting Car Battery with an AK

by Miles

The Kalashnikov platform continues to boggle the mind with the amount of practical use it has, from popping bottle caps open with a protruding metal device in front of the magazine well, to using the metal magazines as a frying pan for food over a fire. In this case, two Iraqi soldiers at what seems to be a sort of vehicle checkpoint are seen using their AKMS s to connect two car batteries together and jump start the dead engine. They very gingerly hold the rifles while the car starts, and then remove them as soon as it gets running, good thing that there weren’t any injuries in the video. They are both using their cleaning rods to extend the connection enough so that both engines might be reached. Apart from holding the object themselves, they seem to have their wits somewhat about them, and have removed the magazines, and hopefully any rounds in the chamber.

The AK on the left is East German, evidenced by the particular fold in the wire folding stock that turns into the buttstock of the rifle.

I’m no car expert, but I’d assume that this operation can’t be at all safe! I sincerely hope the owner of the dead vehicle invests in some jumper cables for future problems with his car. I think it goes without saying to not try this at home.


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  • Unknown Unknown on Dec 15, 2015

    Have you ever ran a business [open all night] look down at the camera monitor and see a young black guy with hood gloves, small caliber handgun looked like a .25, anyway all I had was a 22 single action revolver and a snub nose .38sp. with 3 rounds. already had the 22 up and aimed, he didn't back down, then I pulled out the stores .38 and he ran off. no shots fired, gave video tape to sheriff and they caught them all 4 0f them. the point- check the store gun, did not know it only had 3 rounds. after cussing and blaming the owner. it is your responsibility to check your weapons. oh yea my 22 only had 5 in it.- thinking it only takes one. well I did not know there were 3 more ready to come in. Thank You Lord.

  • DelawarePoonTapper DelawarePoonTapper on Dec 15, 2015

    Will this void the warranty on my Lincoln?