Daniel Defense DDM4 300s

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense is now selling a factory SBR (short barrel rifle) called the DDM4 300s. The 300s is, as you mught surmise from the name, chambered in 300 BLK.

The rifle uses a cold hammer forged 10.3″ barrel that is topped with a Daniel Defense flash suppressor. With the adjustable buttstock, the overall length of the gun runs 26.75″ – 29.875″. Unloaded, the gun weighs 5.77 pounds.

Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense uses a pistol length direct impingement system with a low profile gas block. A quad rail handguard of the company’s own making protects the gas tube, keeps your hand off the hot barrel and allows you to add many different accessories to the rifle. It is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, and like the receivers, has a Type III hard coat anodized finish.

The rifle ships standard without sights, but they can be added at the time of ordering. Obviously, any aftermarket sights or optics can also be added to the gun. The pistol grip and buttstock both have soft, overmolded rubber for a more comfortable, more sure grip on the rifle.

Daniel Defense includes one Magpul 30-round PMAG with the rifle. Additionally, the gun ships with a lockable, hard plastic case. The suggested retail price for the DDM4 300s is $1,749. Rifles are available for order immediately. In October, Daniel Defense announced the new 7.62 rifles were shipping.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • JNZ JNZ on Dec 14, 2015

    Should have called Mk18-300

    Looks fine, but I'm entirely uncertain why it has the price tag it does.

    • CommonSense23 CommonSense23 on Dec 14, 2015

      @JNZ Eh, I always hated how DD tried to imply they made MK18s for the military.

  • Gunsandrockets Gunsandrockets on Dec 14, 2015

    Nice! Of course the sales tax would almost be as high as the NFA tax!