Limited Edition Ted Nugent 1911 from Republic Forge

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by TFB Staffer

We’re all familiar with the 1911 and many of us love them. We’re familiar with their long histories – designed by John Browning, in service since 1911, produced by the millions, traditionally chambered in .45 ACP – and many of us are quite familiar with their use (In fact, I know a certain person here at TFB whose proficiency with a 1911 is nothing less than impressive – name starts with “P” ends with “L”). They’re great guns and there are many good reasons they’ve been a staple in the gun industry for so long. Now Republic Forge is making a special 1911 – a Limited Edition Ted Nugent 1911.

Republic Forge refers to their new pistol as the “NUGE” 1911. Their new gun is based on their existing Raider model which has a 5″ barrel and serrated slide for a positive grip. The NUGE has a few of its own features such as a Cerakote finish in Barrett Bronze with the slide done in Texas Tan. The side of the slide is engraved with Ted Nugent’s signature and the gun is also engraved with Nugent’s stickman spearchucker logo. As for the grips they’re unique, listed as being made with exotic mammoth ivory. The gun is chambered in 10mm and is a very limited run with only 99 being made (guns will be engraved with serial numbers noting their order of production from NUGE01-99).

This is a company known for carefully manufacturing their firearms. The guns are made one at a time in Texas – not on an assembly line – with parts made in America. It’s a new company having just been founded in January 2014 but they’re already building a reputation for the quality of their 1911s.

MSRP for the NUGE 1911 is listed as $4860. Visit the company’s website at

NUGE Specs:

  • Raider Model (Government Recon)
  • Chambered in 10mm
  • Special serial numbers: NUGE01-NUGE99
  • Ted Nugent signature and spearchucker logo engravings
  • Cerakote™ finishing: Frame-Barrett Bronze/Slide-Texas Tan
  • Black controls, pins and screws
  • Exotic Mammoth Ivory grips
  • Ambi safety
  • Magwell
  • Front and rear cocking serrations
  • Republic Forge night sights
  • Texas star hammer
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  • Mike Mike on Dec 13, 2015

    Republic Forge is already building a reputation for the most expensive piles of junk anyone can possibly waste their money on. They say built one at a time, not on an assembly line, and what they mean is the fit their barrels to the bushing with a dremel tool. Yes, they actually fit the barrels to the bushing, not the other way around. Every single Republic forge gun ive seen looked like the barrel lugs had been fit with a hack saw. Seriously, if you ever plan to buy anything from Republic Forge save your money and buy something of quality instead. Honestly I've seen Taurus 1911s that had better craftsmanship than Republic Forge. The worst part is that when I spoke to the head gunsmith at Republic Forge it was very obvious that he had very little knowledge and experience working with 1911s.

    • Edeco Edeco on Dec 13, 2015

      @Mike Yep. I'm not a primo-1911 user, but the case Cabot, for instance, makes for theirs being ultra premium is easily more convincing to me. And now I can't help but question Republic's sense of style and judgement.

  • Rick DeWitt Rick DeWitt on Dec 15, 2015

    Does it crap its pants when you pull the trigger? It's first in a series called the Summer's Eve Collection.