An AK in .50 BMG: Introducing The AK-50 (Project AKG)

    Is it a unicorn?  Some thought so.  Brandon Herrera, TheAKGuy, may have cracked the code on a really cool innovation–a .50BMG AK.  When you think of innovation, there are things like the Cobalt Kinetics BAMF (note that I am not including the idea of a new color or pattern as “innovative”, which is apparently what some manufacturers seem to think).  But I can tell you I sure don’t think of the AK platform as something that can be innovative.  In fact, building an AK out of a shovel from Home Depot is one of the sexier concepts.

    Check out this brief video:


    Technical Specs (so far):

    • Caliber: .50BMG
    • Barrel Length: 20″ and 28″
    • Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
    • MSRP: $6999

    It still utilizes the basic long piston design of the a standard AK, and it will accept standard AK furniture, including the stock and pistol grip.  It was even mentioned that it could use the standard fire control group.  A couple of other changes are the addition of quick release pins to the gas tube and a hinged dust cover.  The components will mainly be a mix of 4140 steel and milled aluminum (and Brandon stressed that “there will be no cast parts”).

    He is planning on taking orders the first quarter of 2016.  So readers, what do you think?  I would definitely love to get hands on with one (because, really who doesn’t want to shoot .50 BMG in any configuration?).  I think the idea is great and I am always happy to see people getting away from the “ho-hum” color changes and other “more of the same” that happens more often than not…

    You can find out more information at TheAKGuy on Facebook (his website is currently being updated so it doesn’t have the latest content):

    Thanks to Mike for the heads up about this!

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