AKOU Tests Magpul AK Magazine

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Rob of AK Operators Union performs a small torture test of the Magpul AK47 Gen 3 Magazine with his AK. He drops the gun onto concrete so that it falls and hits the magazine.

Then he drops them in dirt and covers them up before using them in his DDI AK.

The final test is a creek bath with a nice dose of mud.

He performs these tests with a normal Magpul magazine and another with a ranger plate. He experienced a malfunction but that was due to the recoil spring. The test is short and sweet. I would have liked to seen a larger pool of data rather than just three tests on 2 magazines.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Tony Tony on Dec 10, 2015

    Awesome! that mag first drop test really shows the advantage of have metal locking tabs.

  • Nadnerbus Nadnerbus on Dec 10, 2015

    AK that jammed!? I was told this was unpossible, that you can roll over an AK with a tank, drop it in sulfuric acid, and clean it with sandpaper and olive oil and it will still never jam.

    Looks like Magpul corrected the plastic locking tab on the original Pmags. Personally, I never really thought it was too much of a problem. Western school of thought seems to be that it is OK to make things slightly lighter weight and a little less durable than old school soviet style. I mean, how many aluminum GI M16 mags would regularly pass that drop test?

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    • John Keene John Keene on Jan 04, 2016

      @ostiariusalpha Bulgy waffles are 8.8 oz with metal, Vs. Magpul 7.3 .oz with metal, both 30 rd'ers.