Tank Gun vs. Truck

Nathan S
by Nathan S

I was beginning to wonder how FullMag was going to top the recent video “iPad vs. Minigun.” I was not left to wonder for long. Having been destroying his F-150 using .50Cal and various other rounds, FullMag has opted to give it an explosive send-off using a German anti-tank howitzer from WWII.

The PAK 40 is a 75mm anti-tank gun that can be picked up for about $90,000 (and a few licenses). While available for purchase, its hard to find actual demolition ranges that will allow one to use live ammunition. Typically, one must be under the supervision of a Federal Explosive Licensee. AN FEL issimilar to an FFL, but requires significantly more work to acquire and with more restrictions.

The cannon has a large boom, but a rather small explosion. Looking at the slow-motion footage, I would hazard to guess that the round was not sufficient to actually cause injury in the cab, though did cause the engine block to break into a few pieces. Honestly, I found the video showing a GoPro meeting its demise was more interesting.

If that round was sufficient to knock out a Sherman (often called “death boxes” due to the poor armor), I am aghast at the poor armoring of the tank. Perhaps we should have just equipped our troops with 2004 F-150 crew cabs with howitzers on top?

Nathan S
Nathan S

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  • Pat Boyle Pat Boyle on Dec 09, 2015

    Yes it would have been late in the war. Early in the war they were knocking out tanks with 37mm guns. The Sherman, our excellent medium tank, late in the war also carried a 75mm main gun until they up gunned it with a 76mm gun. The Germans had a 75mm gun in their Panther tank and of course even bigger 88mm guns in the Tigers.

    Nowadays our Abrams uses a Rheinmetal smooth bore of 200mm - a much much bigger gun. And as the guns got bigger and the ammunition got more effective the armor on modern tanks also evolved such that this once deadly tank killer would probably barely scratch one of the Main Battle Tanks used by any of the major powers today.

    • Phil Hsueh Phil Hsueh on Dec 11, 2015

      @Pat Boyle While it's true that the Sherman carried a 75mm gun, it was a short barreled, low velocity 75 which isn't the same thing as the long barreled, high velocity 75s the Germans (and others) were fielding. As for the 76mm gun, not all Shermans received that upgrade, I don't know the exact numbers but the vast majority of US Shermans were armed with the regular 75mm gun.

      As for the Abrams, the gun is only 120mm, not 200, but it is a smoothbore made by Rheinmetal of Germany. Most, if not all, MBTs today field a smoothbore cannon due to the use of SABOT rounds as the primary anti-tank round instead of more conventional AP/HEAT type round. That's really the big difference between tank guns now a days and older guns is the usage of kinetic energy rounds instead of chemical.

  • Nelson Kerr Nelson Kerr on Dec 09, 2015

    A trucj doesn't have armor for the round to rattle around inside of, or armor to turn into s fragments. The Sabot round from a M-1 Abrams would have done no more damage.