Tank Gun vs. Truck

    I was beginning to wonder how FullMag was going to top the recent video “iPad vs. Minigun.” I was not left to wonder for long. Having been destroying his F-150 using .50Cal and various other rounds, FullMag has opted to give it an explosive send-off using a German anti-tank howitzer from WWII.

    The PAK 40 is a 75mm anti-tank gun that can be picked up for about $90,000 (and a few licenses). While available for purchase, its hard to find actual demolition ranges that will allow one to use live ammunition. Typically, one must be under the supervision of a Federal Explosive Licensee. AN FEL issimilar to an FFL, but requires significantly more work to acquire and with more restrictions.

    The cannon has a large boom, but a rather small explosion. Looking at the slow-motion footage, I would hazard to guess that the round was not sufficient to actually cause injury in the cab, though did cause the engine block to break into a few pieces. Honestly, I found the video showing a GoPro meeting its demise was more interesting. 

    If that round was sufficient to knock out a Sherman (often called “death boxes” due to the poor armor), I am aghast at the poor armoring of the tank. Perhaps we should have just equipped our troops with 2004 F-150 crew cabs with howitzers on top?

    Nathan S

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