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If you’ve ever hunkered down in a blind or against a tree at night hoping to spot incoming game before they spot you – hoping not to miss them entirely – you understand the need for a good flashlight. Not a flashlight that floods the woods or field with a bright white light that would definitely scare off all the game in the area, that is, but one that helps you see without being readily detected by wildlife.

There are quite a few hunters with flashlights mounted to their guns, and although that certainly has its benefits, it’s also good to have one in your pants-leg pocket. Constantly raising and lowering your rifle to scan the area gets tiring fast. Of course, all gun owners tend to have a big stash of flashlights on hand, with an interesting mix of cast-offs, maybes, and a very few favorites. If you’re looking for a new light you can use at night without announcing your presence to woodland creatures, take a look at this latest offering from Ultimate Wild.

Ultimate Wild makes a number of products for outdoorsmen. Their new product is a micro flashlight called the Micro 150. It is, as the name suggests, 150 lumens. It’s a green LED light designed for durability and the ability to handle the various bumps and scrapes of time spent in the woods.

Game such as deer and feral hogs do not see green on the color spectrum like we do which makes it the perfect choice for hunting. Studies show deer tend to see violet shades and even ultraviolet lights best while hogs are essentially color-blind. Even so, it is a light, so rather than simply pointing it directly at your intended target right off the bat try first pointing it at the ground then sweeping upwards towards your target.

Take a look at Ultimate Wild’s flashlights at

Micro 150 Green LED Specifications:
Aircraft-grade aluminum
Green LED illumination
Weather resistant
Tail cap On/Off control
Maximum output: 150 lumens
Convenient one-handed operation
Battery Type: CR123A (1)
Color: Black
Length: 3.9 inches
Diameter: 0.985 inches
Weight: 2.3 ounces
MSRP: $32.95

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  • Secundius Secundius on Dec 06, 2015

    The ND3 Laser Designator? Is it a Laser or a Flashlight, if you can Adjust to Focus. Then ANY "White" Light Adjustable Flashlight, is also a Laser...

  • Bobby Nations Bobby Nations on Dec 29, 2015


    You are handing out some bad advice in this write-up.

    Hunters caught using a flashlight to illuminate a game animal will be severely dealt with in most states as it is considered a form of poaching. There are very, very few game animals where you are even allowed to hunt them at night when a flashlight would be needed. Probably for that reason, I've never seen any hunter with a light mounted to their gun. It just makes no sense and gives game wardens too much leeway to wonder about your intentions.

    Hunters generally use flashlights when getting to their stands (before dawn) or leaving their stands (after dark), almost never while on the stand. Game animals can see any light while a looonnnngg ways away and will act accordingly. From that standpoint, having a light that bothers the game less is advisable, but even better is to not use one if at all possible.

    Hope this helps and keep up the good work,