SureFire Sidekick Sneak Peek

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Solider Systems got a sneak peek at the new SureFire Sidekick. For those of you who have been following SureFire’s latest releases, you will notice a recurring theme in their lights. They are re-purposing the technology from their 2211 wrist light, Titan AAA, and XC1 light. They all have the same specs and look to have the same LED technology. Just put into different hosts. Now they appear to have taken some features from the wrist light and turned it into a key fob. The packaging says it has a wide beam. So you get a really wide beam but at the compromise of distance. Actually if you look at the specs of the Titan Plus, it is pretty much the same as what this new Sidekick can do except the Sidekick appears to have longer run times. Possibly with the larger body they can fit a lager capacity battery. I am sure we will see it next month at SHOT Show.

Output / Runtime — White Light
High300lumens / 1 hour*
Med75lumens / 2 hours
Low15lumens / 7 hours
Bezel Diameter0.58inches
Weight w/Batteries2.0ounces
Batteries1AAA NiMH (incl.) or AAA alkaline
Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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