Convert Your Glock to a Rifle with AMG

    Did you know, it is perfectly legal to convert a handgun into a rifle (assuming it is done in the correct order)? Taking advantage of this, AMG (American Marketing Group) is offering the “Lock, Stock, & Barrel” kit to convert Gen 3 & Gen 4 Glock 17s to rifles, legally.

    The kit arrives with a 16 inch replacement barrel, a new recoil spring, and a stock system from Phoenix Technology (which is permanently attaching, unlike the 1SHOT recently released). The stock is a standard M4 affair and is adjustable for length of pull or can be swapped with any mil-spec offering.

    To solve the inevitable issue of reliable cycling adding in significantly more mass, the barrel uses an “accelerator” which is basically a gas port giving the system more energy to cycle (in much the same way a piston is used in a suppressor). Still, 124 grain rounds are a minimum.


    Now, the conversion is only one-way. It is illegal to convert a rifle back to a handgun so buy and install the kit knowing that the Lock Stock & Barrel Glock  cannot be a handgun again (in the eyes of the law).

    Update: Our eagle-eyed readers pointed out the err of my ways. It is legal to convert a handgun to a rifle and back again so long as no NFA violations occurred during the steps. See ATF ruling here. 

    Those interested in the kit can pick it up from their dealer network (AMG does not look to have a website). Retail pricing is pegged at $499, but I have seen versions of this down as low as $250 through the various auction webpages.

    Hank Strange has a video below demonstrating the installation and usage on a Gen 4 Glock.

    Nathan S

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