5 Hilariously Bad Carry Guns

Alex C.
by Alex C.

When it comes to self defense, having a gun is certainly better than not having one. That said, in this day and age there are certainly choices that are definitively bad. In this list we present 5 handguns that we believe are quite poor when it comes to personal protection.

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– [Alex] Hey guys, it’s Alex C. with TFB TV and today’s video is gonna be Five Hilariously Bad Concealed Carry Guns.

As you can see right now on the screen, there is a flintlock pistol.

Now flintlock pistols are single-shot and black powder.

I really like black powder firearms, however, I believe they are just about the worst firearm you could carry these days.

I don’t think anybody ever would, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious or pertinent to this video.

Of course, to load one of these, you pull back the hammer to half-cock, put enough powder in your measure, typically, in this pistol, I put about 60 or 70 grains because go big or go home.

Then you gotta pour it down the muzzle, put a patched lead ball down, don’t forget you’ve got your ramrod that you have to use repeatedly to ram everything down, open up your frizzen, prime with some quadruple Fg powder like I do, I guess you don’t have to, bring it to full cock and then you’re ready to put a 12-inch diameter hole in the bad guy, one time of course.

Like I said, I doubt anybody does this these days, however, that would be a pretty bad choice unless you’re trying to make a hell of a smokescreen, in which case, this pistol actually meets the bill.

If you shoot a bad guy and you miss, then the giant smokescreen produced by the black powder cloud in front of you, it’s gonna give you time to get away and maybe get halfway through the loading process before he hits you in the head with a bat.

So the next pistol is actually gonna be six times better than the flintlock, which still doesn’t bring it quite up to par, and that’s gonna be a cap and ball revolver.

I also really like cap and ball revolvers, however, I also like Ford Model Ts.

That doesn’t mean I’m gonna carry one of these.

It doesn’t I’m gonna daily drive a Model T.

For those of you that don’t really know how these work, they’re pretty typical of a modern single-action revolver when you actually have it loaded in your shooting.

This is actually safe right here ’cause there’s not caps on the revolver nor or any of its cylinder or chambers loaded up but to accomplish this, you’re going to, well, I use a little loading station but your choice of black powder, I usually use double Fg poured in there, then you’ve got your patches, and then you’ve got your balls, and you’re going to use the rammer on the front of the gun to ram that down and do that six times, and then you’ve got a fully loaded revolver.

So, not practical for reloading, but you’ve got five more shots than the old flintlock.

And of course, don’t forget once you’ve loaded the chambers, you actually do have to add a percussion cap to each of the nipples located on the back of the cylinder.

Otherwise, you’ve pretty much got nothing, so this would be a hilariously bad concealed carry choice but I guess it would be better than nothing.

So next we have a pistol that is probably the best one on the list.

That’s going to be C96 Mauser Broomhandle pistol.

You could, I guess, technically conceal these if you’re a big person and you had some sort of strange holster or, I don’t know yet, carrying it in a shoulder holster with a jacket but the issue here is actually working the pistol.

They’re very cumbersome, they’re hard to reload.

You have 10 shots of actually pretty stout ammunition but it’s hilariously over-sized and that would make it absolutely ridiculous to concealed carry in a market when you have $300 subcompact pistols but if you do carry a Schnellfeuer M712, you will get my respect because that would be just awesome.

So, next we’ve got something that actually some people do and that’s to be concealed carrying a full-sized.22 pistol.

I have actually seen this.

Now I don’t really have any opposition to carrying a subcompact.22 pistol like this Smith & Wesson 61-3 on the bottom, but to put it into perspective, let’s overlay it on the Ruger MK III, and it is a subcompact pistol whereas a full size is about the size of a Browning Hi-Power, making it a colossally huge gun and if you’re gonna carry a big gun, why not carry a gun that fires a larger cartridge more suitable for self-defense, but that’s just me, so let’s move on to what I might consider actually the most dangerous option on the list, and that’s going to be the Type 94 Nambu.

Not only are these hilariously ugly pistols that look like they were made with a grinder and a file, well, actually they might have actually been made with a grinder and a file towards the end of the war, but everything on these is pretty bad.

They’re horribly small pistols, at least for me.

I’m fairly big guy with decently large hands, but they function very strangely, they fire a very anemic cartridge.

It’s about.32 ACP, maybe a little in between 32 and 38.

They have a bolt hold open but it’s actually the magazine follower, so when you move the magazine, it slams home.

But, the Achilles heel of this is actually that they can fire when you press the transfer bar on the side.

The safety is actually, only blocks the transfer bar.

I’ll demonstrate that right here.

(gunshot) So pretty dangerous.

There is actually a chance that on re-holstering, you could knock this into something, and it would go off, but yeah, so I won’t be carrying the Type 94 Nambu for any reason anytime soon, except maybe to ridicule in a future video.

Anyways, guys, I’m Alex C. with TFB TV.

This is a little bit different kind of video but I still home you enjoyed it.

Really just kind of a subjective opinionated thing, but nonetheless, we’d like to thank Ventura Munitions, and Grizzly Targets.

We hope to see you next time.

Alex C.
Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.

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  • JCitizen JCitizen on Dec 06, 2015

    On the movie "The Second Best Secret Agent in the Whole World", the use of the Mauser broom handle was made very convincing(as a movie would); the one I saw as a kid was nickle plated and a Schnellfeuer with shoulder stock, I believe.


  • Firehand Firehand on Dec 07, 2015

    There was a British spy movie made in the '60's, 'The 2nd Best Secret Agent in the Whole Wide World' where the lead character carried a Broomhandle in a holster that fitted across his lower back.