CZ Scorpion Evo3 Carbine

    Colion Noir got his hands on two new Scorpion rifles. They will come in two versions. A muzzle comped version and one with a faux suppressor made by Silencer Co.

    Evo Carbine 1


    According to Colion, the rifles variants of the Scorpion Evo3 MSRP price is near $1000. When you factor the stock 922R kit, for the pistol, costs $200 from CZ-USA and then add a $200 tax stamp, the SBR will cost a bit more than the Carbine. So if you don’t need a short barrel, then the Carbine may be for you. I am very interested in the faux suppressor version and wonder if CZ-USA will be selling the new extended forends separately to retrofit the Evo pistols? I do like MLOK slots.

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