Illicit Weapons Factory Busted in Brazil

    A recent police raid on an illegal weapons factory in Sao Paulo netted some interesting items. The group involved were producing bombs, submachine guns, pistols, shotguns as well as .50 cal rifles.

    brazil50cal1 improguns

    brazil50cal5 improguns

    An odd little open-bolt automatic rifle:

    brazilweaponsfactory2 improguns

    Submachine gun with suppressor:

    brazilweaponsfactory3 improguns

    brazilweaponsfactory4 improguns

    Receiver components:

    brazilweaponsfactory5 improguns

    A pump action shotgun:

    brazilweaponsfactory6 improguns

    A good demonstration of how criminal groups will always have fresh supplies of contraband so long as there is someone willing to buy.