Cz958 Approved for Canada

Edward O
by Edward O

After spending over a year in the inspection lab, the Cz958 will finally be available to Canadian shooters soon. The RCMP have classified the rifle as non-restricted with a provision that barrels under 18.5″ will be restricted.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because it’s pretty clear where the Cz958 fits into Canadian law. I came to the same conclusion as the RCMP nine months ago when I did my initial review:

Exact dates and MSRP are still to come, but this reporter would hazard a guess of “right around Christmas” and “right around $1000.”

There are two big differences between this rifle and the Cold War’s Vz58: First is the extended dust cover with picatinny rail for mounting optics. The second is the extensive semi-auto only reciever. Even a dedicated machinist would have a serious challenge converting this into a machine gun, due to strategic milling of this new receiver.

It’s predecessor, the Cz858, was on thin ice for much of the past 2 years when accusations were made that rifles had been built on “converted automatic receivers.” The last federal government restored the rifle’s status, much to the relief of owners. However it is unlikely that we’ll see fresh 858 imports anytime soon.

Instead, all the current rifles from Cz are likely to be the tactical and hunter variants of the 958s.

Legal Note: I put this at the bottom because not everyone cares. If you’re unfamiliar with Canadian Law, let me clarify the two statuses referred to in this article…

Non-restricted firearms do not need to be registered with the government, do require a license to own, and have much more lenient transport restrictions. They can be widely used for hunting, carried while camping in the bush, and fired at improvised ranges.

Restricted firearms cover SBRs and handguns. These firearms must be registered to a licensed individual, be locked in transport, and may only be taken to an authorized range to be fired. It is very unlikely that Cz will bother making any 958s in a restricted format due to the overwhelming popularity of non-restricted firearms in this country.

Edward O
Edward O

Edward is a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. Crawling over mountains with tactical gear is his idea of fun. He blogs at TV-Presspass and tweets @TV_PressPass.

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  • USMC03Vet USMC03Vet on Nov 25, 2015

    If you need a license to own, but don't have to "register" isn't that essentially the same thing as being registered....

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    • Paladin Paladin on Nov 25, 2015

      @USMC03Vet It's the difference between the gov't having a list of licenced gun owners and having a list of all the guns they own. Perhaps by the time they come for my guns I'll have sold all the non-restricteds to Mike from Canmore.

  • Codchoker Codchoker on Nov 26, 2015