CMMG Announces New “Krinkov” Mk47 Guns

    Mk47 Krink

    CMMG has seen a considerable amount of success with the Mk47 line of firearms. The company expanded the line to include new models previously and is doing it again. The newest Mk47 guns use a Krinkov-, or “Krink-“, style muzzle device. The muzzle device is based on an AK design but threaded for the Mk47 (5/8-24) to help reduce muzzle flash and dampen recoil.

    For those not already familiar with the Mk47 line, it is a series of firearms – rifles and pistols – that is a mash-up of the AR and AK platforms. The guns run very similar to an AR-style weapon, but take AK-type magazines and are chambered for the 7.62×39 cartridge. The idea is to provide the ergonomics of an AR with the reliability of the AK magazine to reliably run the popular caliber.

    I had one of the Mk47 rifles earlier in the year for review. It was a fun gun to run. Accuracy was good and reliability was flawless. It ran with every magazine I could find for it – from new Tapco and Magpul mags to a range of surplus steel mags.

    CMMG stated there are three Krinkov variations being added to the line: a rifle, SBRĀ and a pistol. All three are chambered for the 7.62×39. Pricing will range from $1,549 for the pistol, $1,649 for the 8″ SBR and $1,749 for the 13″ barrelĀ rifle. The 13” barrel rifle has the muzzle device pinned and welded for NFA purposes.

    Richard Johnson

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