American Tactical Introduces the FX-H Hybrid 1911

    FX-H 1911

    American Tactical, who pioneered the “Omni Hybrid” Series of products including the ATI Omni Hybrid .410 Shotgun and the ATI Omni Polymer Hybrid Lower, is adding the “first of its kind”, the FX-H Hybrid 1911 handgun to their line-up of polymer-based firearms.

    The FX-H 1911 is an absolute ground breaking firearm,” says Tony DiChario, President of American Tactical. “We completely designed and manufactured this product for the ultimate shooting pleasure while giving the owner a lightweight solid 1911 platform like no other. We are excited about bringing this product to market.

    Details of the FX-H 1911

    The  FX-H 1911 polymer frame is constructed with two metal inserts located at the stress points for reinforcement.  This hybridization allows the overall weight of the FX-H (which is a full frame 1911) to be down to 1.6 lbs. ATI is advertising their FX-H pistol as being the lightest full size 1911 currently on the market.  I am interested to see how this light platform performs in the 1911 configuration.

    The FX-H features a 5″ match-grade stainless barrel and a stainless steel slide that accepts Glock style sight (which I think is a pretty interesting design decision). All of the mil-spec 1911 components are interchangeable.  The FX-H also features a removable plate to accommodate RMR style optics. The FX-H 1911 will be initially sold in .45 ACP, and will have a capacity of 8 + 1.  American Tactical says that additional calibers will be coming soon (though I still have a hard time accepting the idea of any 1911 in anything other than .45 ACP).

    The FX-H Hybrid 1911 is currently available for wholesale and dealer orders and will be priced with a MSRP of only $659.95.  You can find out more information on their website at:

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