SIG P320 Selected by Hawaii DPS

    SIG P320

    The SIG SAUER P320 in 9mm was selected as the next duty weapon of the Hawaii Department of Public Safety. Both full size and carry versions are being purchased. The contract calls for more than 700 pistols to be delivered.

    Earlier this year, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol announced the agency would move to the P320. Interestingly, occasional TFB writer Aaron suggested the P320 may be the next duty weapon of the FBI based on the way the request for proposal was written. If that proves out, that will be seen as a huge vote of confidence in the platform. Additional contracts will be easier to land with the FBI as a customer.

    Hawaii DPS also selected the SIG V-Crown ammunition as the new duty load. The selection of the P320 was likely made on the merits of the platform, but I am less confident that the ammunition was selected for anything other than budgetary reasons.

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    With proven performers like the Speer Gold Dot and Federal HST, I am unsure what merit-based attributes could have been considered to make the largely unproved V-Crown the best choice. Regardless, this will be an agency to watch in the coming years to see if the ammo performs as it should. I sure hope it does.

    Richard Johnson

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