Taurus drop test video

by Miles

In the summer of this year we reported about the class action lawsuit that Taurus lost, and was filed by a sheriff in Iowa over some defective conditions of their semi automatic line of handguns. The payout was over millions of dollars. However a video has recently been surfacing of several Taurus handguns in this infamous drop test, and the results don’t look very good. All three of the pistols in the video show significant results in their slides and triggers as a result of being dropped. Some of them the triggers are shown being pushed all the way to the rear, while another has the entire slide racked back enough to extract the round in the chamber. Now the video is in slow motion, so I would be curious as to how similar this would happen with other polymer handguns such as Glocks, M&Ps, and XDs. The biggest difference would be with the trigger bar in all these handguns that I think would prevent the kinds of trigger push that we see in the Taurus video. Either way, I don’t know if this video was used as evidence or involved in the courtroom drama in the summer, but it is certainly a testimony to understanding the drop tests and current Taurus handguns.

Then we also have this video of a Taurus handgun being fired simply by shaking it and it being on safe. However unlike the previous video, this one doesn’t seem to have as much legitimacy, and I would certainly call into question the exact pistol for any modifications on the inside. This isn’t “Shake and Bake”.


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  • Glock Guy Glock Guy on Nov 23, 2015

    OMG! I'll never by a Taurus.

  • OldGringo OldGringo on Nov 26, 2015

    I am a retired trial lawyer.....I can hire expert witnesses to prove just about anything.....for example, I can prove many brands of the 1911 platform will hold at a half cock position and then fall when the hammer is pulled....with a soft primer it could go off,,,,,the famous Oklahoma Highway Patrolman exhibition shooter Dan Combs once related to me how he put his Colt 1911, series 70, in the half cock position and stuck it in his waistband.....it fired, and he lost much of his intestines.....so should we ban all Colt 1911s? My large collection does not include Taurus semi autos, but the little Taurus slim is rated by many experts as superior to my Glock 43, Ruger LC9s, and Keltec PFf9...all great little guns.....so dont believe anything you read about gun lawsuits......and remember also, my 2015 Jeep Wrangler is rated by Consumer Reports as one of the worst vehicles made....but I dont see any Fords, Chevy, Range Rover, or other competitors 4 x 4s where I take my little Jeep, they just dont make it that far off road....dont believe what some lawyer proves with some paid experts..... FWIW