Zabala Hermanos Pistol Grip Shotgun

    One of my competitive shooting buddies texted me that his friend is looking to get rid of some of his family’s firearms. Most of them were some form of shotgun and two lever guns. What caught my eye was this side by side 20 gauge shotgun. The forwarded text I received was “I have a sawed off double barrel shot gun registered as a hand gun for sale”. Without a picture I was concerned that some how this guy registered a Short barrel shotgun or AOW as a pistol. I told my friend to measure the barrel length. It was over 18.5 inches in length. Ok then it is just a pistol grip shotgun, like the Mossberg 500 JIC models.

    The barrels are marked J.L. Galef and Sons, they were the importer back in the 70s. The shotgun is made by Zabala Hermanos in Spain. You can see the ZH shield markings stamped into the bottom of the barrels and the receiver.

    ZH 4


    I tried looking up information on Zabala Hermanos but did not find much and nothing on this pistol grip shotgun.

    ZH 3


    I got it for $150 which is about right for ZH shotguns, from what little I could find on them. This shotgun is very short. You can see below how it compares to my other 18.5″ barreled shotguns. KSG and Remington 870 Magpul are shown below the ZH SXS.

    ZH 2


    One cool feature is breaking the shotgun down. It fits inside my Vanquest Ibex 20, which I just posted a review on.

    ZH 1


    This short shotgun reminds me of Ash from Army of Darkness or Mad Max. i will be having some fun with this and being 20 gauge I suspect there will be very little recoil.

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