New Meprolight Weapon Sights

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson

Meprolight announced a pair of new weapon sights at the Milipol 2015 exhibition in Paris, France. The two new electronic sights are updated versions of existing products in the Meprolight line.

The first new sight is the updated Mepro NOA NYX that is designed to be a light, uncooled thermal imaging rifle sight. Meprolight engineers designed the sight to operate on four (4) AA type commercial batteries. A motion sensor is used in the imager to reduce the battery drain, suggesting that the image is only updated when the system detects movement in the image to be displayed.

According to Meprolight, the sight uses a 17μ core. The system has a number of color displays and overlays to best match the user’s needs in both day and night and with smoke and other contaminates in the air.

Mepro Hunter 6X

The second sight to be updated is the Mepro Hunter Sniper’s Night Vision Weapon Sight. According to the company, the sight has been upgraded to ensure that it retains zero when mounting and dismounting from a rifle. To further increase precision, the click size has been reduced for sighting in. The unit can be had with 4x and 6x magnification. Reticles can be changed to give the shooter something he prefers.

Meprolight introduced a number of new rifle optics this year including the M21 Hunter. The Tru-Dot was also released to the US market this year.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • Joe Schmoe Joe Schmoe on Nov 17, 2015

    Did you guys see the email I sent about the Mepro M5 being chosen as the next-generation of IDF reflex sights?