Special Police Operations ArmaLite AR-10A4

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

THE South American gun expert Ronaldo Olive sent us this photo and wrote …

After entering service with Rio de Janeiro Military Police’s crack BOPE (Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais, Special Police Operations Battalion), the ArmaLite AR-10A4 7.62x51mm rifle has now been added to the inventories of other units of that organization, namely the Batalhão de Polícia de Choque (Shock Police Battalion), the Batalhão de Ação com Cães (the K-9 outfit), and the Grupamento Aeromóvel (Airmobile Group). They are fitted with EOTech sights and foldable vertical handgrip. Weapon is also used by Rio’s Civil Police CORE spec ops group.

This example was photographed on the hood of one of BOPE’s vechicles. The reverse-printed name is intended to be read from a car’s rearview mirror. Oh, well…

A very ncie gun. I have noticed that ArmaLite rifles seem quite popular in South America.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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