New IWB Revolver Holster From Galco

    A large number of people purchase firearms for home defense, and those that do must decide on issues such as whether to carry at home, keep the gun in a safe, store it loaded or unloaded – the list goes on. But that pales in comparisons to the decisions and training that go into choosing – and using – your daily carry. Ignoring the very real issues surrounding choice of caliber, model, and ammunition, and only taking into consideration mode of carry still doesn’t make things easy. Do you carry on your belt? IWB? Ankle holster?

    Carrying a gun for self-defense purposes is a serious responsibility, one that is taken far too lightly by a number of gun owners. If you’re going to go out armed, it’s your responsibility to be properly trained and proficient with your firearm, both for your own sake and for the safety of those around you. You should also take care to choose the right holster.

    If you prefer to CC a revolver, Galco has a new holster coming out that allows you more than just on-the-belt options. It’s their popular WalkAbout IWB holster, and it’s now available for revolvers. In addition to your gun the WalkAbout can also carry an HKS-style speedloader or moon clip. This is a soft holster made of Center Cut Steerhide, featuring an injection-molded nylon clip that fits belts up to 1 3/4″ wide.

    The Walkabout IWB for revolvers is currently being offered for various models made by Charter Arms, Ruger, S&W, and Taurus. MSRP is listed on Galco’s website as $51.95.

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