Goodyear Fires CMP Distinguished Shooter After Fellow Shooter Visits Him At Work

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

David Waters, one of the top shooters in Australian, competes regularly in high-power shooting competitions in the USA. In 2008 he became the first non-US citizen to be awarded the Distinguished Rifleman Badge by the CMP

David Waters

A mechanical engineer by profession, he has worked for Goodyear in Australia for the past 12 years until earlier this year when he was fired.

A friend of his, an inexperienced shooter named Liz from his target shooting club, visited him at the Goodyear Corporate Headquarters. She wanted advice on how to fit an accessory to her target rifle. He had expected her to bring the accessory, but she also bought the rifle.

In the car park David told her to put the rifle, which she had removed from the car (minus the bolt and magazine), back in the car. Someone called the police after seeing her holding the rifle. Sixteen police officers arrived on the scene. The police searched the car and she was charged on a technically to do with the transport of ammunition (although the charge is likely to be dropped).

David was suspended without pay and called in a week later for a meeting with Goodyear HR. His friend, Australian Senator Leyonhjelm attended the meeting at his request. An hour later he was fired on grounds that “his conduct had significant reputational impact on the company”. Two days ago Senator Leyonhjelm made a speech recounting the events in the Australian Senate.

Goodyear Australia have managed to tarnish the international Goodyear brand over what amount to a non-event. It is my hope Goodyear HQ in Ohio take note of this incident and instruct their subsidiary to right its wrong.

Thanks to Whaleoil for information.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Larry Neufeld Larry Neufeld on Nov 22, 2015

    I will not be buying Goodyear or Dunlop products.
    I will be encouraging my friends and collogues in Canada to do the same.

    • Mustascheo Mustascheo on Nov 22, 2015

      @Larry Neufeld Buy some Contis. Or some Michelins (even though they're French owned). Much better tires anyway.

  • Dai Dai on Nov 23, 2015

    This seems like a whole lot a needless arguing. I am Australian I am also a gun owner in Australia. Both handguns and rifles which I shoot competitively. There is no use comparing our laws to yours. For australians gun ownership is a privilege not a right ( at times we wish it was a right) We complain a lot about how strict our laws are but at the end of the day if we really want to own guns we suck it up and go through the red tape. For those who say Australia is fascist is down right offensive I fought for my country and represented it in a war that was yours and will be happy to do so again. We are allies with you and have fought side by side. You wanted a marine Corp base in Darwin we didn't have a whinge we welcomed you with open arms. Our gun laws (most of which we don't agree with) don't make us a fascist country. It's a great country to live in, free health care, college etc. just because our gun laws are nonsense doesn't mean we are fascist

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    • Dai Dai on Nov 23, 2015

      @Mustascheo I personally do advocate for repeal as do most shooters. But unfortunately we live in an anti gun nation with the majority uneducated about the firearms we use. Most of our petitioning to parliament for reform falls on deaf ears.