Full Auto Glock vs. Ballistics Gel

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

In his latest video, Andrew at GY6vids fires a Glock 17C (compensated Glock 17), which has been converted to a fully automatic machine gun, at a torso shaped block of ballistic gel. By the looks of things, he gets all 30 rounds on target.

I have to admire Andrew’s machine pistol skills. The last time I shot one, an original Glock 18C belonging to GLOCK USA, I was all over the place to the point where I would have done far more damage in regular semi-auto against any adversary smaller than a barn door than I would have done on “fun mode”. There is no substitute for training and I plan on getting Alex C., our machine gun expert, to give me some lessons soon on how to shoot machine pistols.

I can guarantee you that for the next six months after posting this, I am going to get emails from people asking how to convert their Glock 17 into a machine gun. This happens Every. Single. Time. after writing blog post about fully automatic Glocks.

The emails usually start with “I know it’s illegal but….”. Hilariously, they often use their work email address. I don’t know what a middle manager of a Malaysian engineering firm plans to do with an illegal Glock 17 machine gun, or why he thinks it makes for a better gun than a semi-automatic version.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Zebra Dun Zebra Dun on Nov 14, 2015

    Where there is a need there is a tool.
    Where there is a tool there are those who seek to wield it.
    This tool is specialist for a special tactical situation.
    Like a ball peen hammer it would work to drive nails but it is not the tool suited to the purpose.

    And Vice Versus.
    Yes I have no need but....I want one.

  • Craig Chambers Craig Chambers on Nov 16, 2015

    So where did you get yours? You can own full auto firearms, but it has to be registered and pay around $200 a year to keep it. Plus anytime you leave your home with it, you have to let police or maybe it is the FBI, where you are going with it.