Ammo Subscription from AmmoReady is for Retailers?

Tom R
by Tom R
9mm bullet ammunition. Ammunition supplies are low all across the country, including at “”The Firing Line”” gun shop and shooting range in Aurora, Colorado on April 29, 2009.

I knew AmmoReady was a service for ammo subscriptions (and we even posted about it last year). What I did not know is that AmmoReady provides a near turn key solution for those that are interested in setting up their own white labeled ammo subscription service. AmmoReady just sent out a press release showcasing their service with Deep South Defense.

“Deep South Defense is using several solutions to offer an innovative service for consumers,” commented Paul Angell, CEO. “We’re thrilled to introduce ourselves to the firearms industry by partnering with Deep South Defense, and we look forward to helping other firearms retailers grow their business and increase sales.” “We had the idea for an ammo club quite a while ago,” added Shawn Cobey, Director of Operations for Deep South Defense. “But we found no easy way to manage everything that goes into actually doing it. handles everything from adding inventory, to creating subscriptions, to setting up your online storefront, and it processes subscription orders automatically every month. It works with our merchant account, and it’s 100% mobile ready. We’re thrilled to be working with Their platform is incredible.”

This is actually a pretty interesting pivot from what I had understood their business model to be. I thought you went to their site and bought ammo directly from them on a subscription basis.

The Benefit of Ammo Subscription as a Service

Conceivably any manufacturer could use this to sell direct to the public, cutting out retailers and making the margins themselves. Imagine combining this with a product like Amazon Dash, where clicking a Wifi connected button automatically orders more of our Editor’s favorite mid-range 9mm, Remington UMC direct from Remington.

It would certainly be an interesting value add for a company in this industry, especially since it looks like they handle everything except for the fulfillment, assuming you are hooked into their inventory system. Having written subscription systems before, I can attest they are a PITA. Basically AmmoReady has setup a full platform to be able to run your store.

You can find out more information at:

Tom R
Tom R

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  • PPGMD PPGMD on Nov 11, 2015

    Just like their subscription service, their pricing is too high for all but a casual business.

  • Notorious Pot Notorious Pot on Nov 12, 2015

    A casual business is a hobby. This looks like software for an actual businesses.