SilencerCo & James Bond

    SilencerCo just announced a collaboration. They are bundling Walther Arms PPK/S .22LR pistols with their Spectre 22 suppressor. They are working exclusively with SK ARMS to sell the bundled package.




    The bundled set is a great value at $700. If you break down the items individually it would cost more.

    1. PPK/S 22LR $400.
    2. Spectre II Suppressor $420
    3. GunVault Nanovault $35
    4. Extra magazine $35

    That comes out to $890. $190 more than the bundle by SK Arms. That is almost enough to cover the NFA Tax stamp.


    I already have this setup and made the Spectre reference back in March when I picked up my Spectre II.

    Spectre PPK mine


    I actually have everything except the laser cut foam insert. My Nanovault case is the combination version. From the photos on SK Arms website, it looks like a simple key lock version.

    For 007 2


    My PPK/S even has a fortuitous serial number to go with the Spectre suppressor. I read it out loud as “For 007”

    For 007

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