SIG P225 Returns

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
SIG P225 A1

SIG SAUER is now shipping the updated P225 pistol. Called the P225-A1, the new handgun looks like the original, but has been upgraded with a short reset trigger and takes advantage of modern manufacturing techniques.

The pistol is a single stack 9mm handgun that holds 8 rounds in the magazine. With an empty magazine, the gun weighs a little more than 30 ounces.

SIG P225 A1

Unlike the original P225, the new -A1 model has a fully machined slide. The slide is Nitron finished while the frame is hard coat anodized. Grips are two piece G10 panels – not the one piece design found on some modern SIG pistols – and have a SIG emblem in the center.

The suggested retail price is $1,122. If you want the factory night sights, the MSRP bumps up to $1,236.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • TexasRaider TexasRaider on Nov 26, 2015

    Ah, the plastic striker fired haters come out of the woodwork again..."No rail! Too little capacity! High bore axis! DA/SA sucks! Too much money!" Yes, what they can't understand or have explained to them by their fave YouTube 'Tacticool' celebrity is beyond their comprehension, so rocks, insults and knee jerk gainsay circular declarations are thrown.

    This is the problem with the firearms community. Too much divisive "everything I don't like sucks and I hate you!" compartmental tribalism and too little fraternity. Sad.

  • Peter Peter on Nov 26, 2015

    I own an original 225. I have yet to handle this new version but I'm wondering why I would want a single stack 9mm with what appears to be a double stack grip(?)
    The videos on youtube defiantly show a 228/229 size grip well, and the mags seem to have a wide base plate designed to seat the mag correctly by filling the void.
    I'm open to an updated 225, but this doesn't seem to be a replacement for the 239 either.
    Really scratching my head about the intended role / market for this gun.