Aguila's Shotshells Coming to the U.S.

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Aguila, which is a subsidiary of the TECNOS ammunition factory, has announced they’re going to be selling their shotshell line in the United States. The 54-year-old company manufactures a number of shotshells including skeet, trap, and sporting clays competition line as well as their traditional line. The competition line includes 7.5, 8, and 9 shot in both standard and high velocities while the traditional line includes .410, 20 gauge, 16, gauge, and 12 gauge options. In addition to those, Aguila manufactures a pigeon load, among others.

In fact, Aguila has their own unique load, the Minishell, which is a 1 3/4″ long shotshell. The Minishell is designed for use in O/U shotguns and produces surprisingly low recoil. It will be available as a slug, buckshot, and 7.5 shot. Aguila is known for other unique rounds outside the shotshell line including their .22 SSS (Sniper Subsonic) round, which doesn’t produce a supersonic bullet’s sonic boom crack, and the .22 Colibri, which is a short .22 rimfire that has a primer but not propellant.

Director of Manufacturing Rod Taylor had this to say of the company’s products: “”Aguila’s shotshell line has something for everyone, whether the application is hunting, competition, clays or home defense. Hunters and competitive shooters across Latin America have relied on the affordable performance of Aguila for over five decades. We’re excited to show the U.S. market the Aguila advantage.”

According to Kristi Drawe, Aguila’s Director of Marketing, the shotshells will feature brand new packaging for the U.S. market but that will be only one of many changes. The line will be made available throughout the coming months. MSRP varies.

An interesting note about Aguila and its relation to TECNOS. Industrias Tecnos, which is located in Cuernavaca, was founded in 1961 in partnership with none other than the Remington Arms Company. Remington handled training for many of the company’s employees when it was new, and although the American manufacturer has since cut ties, leaving TECNOS as its own entity, many still think of TECNOS as the Mexican Remington. When TECNOS was founded it was under the name Cartuchos Deportivos de Mexico, but the name was changed to Industrias Tecnos in 1978 and is now known simply as TECNOS.

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  • Iksnilol Iksnilol on Nov 07, 2015

    If my math isn't off then a 6 round tube should be able to keep 10 of those short shells.

  • CarlPoppa CarlPoppa on Nov 07, 2015

    Unless this means they'll finally lower the MSRP on mega-priced minishells, who cares?

    LOL seriously $0.70 a pop for choad-loaded midget birdshot