POTD: Takedown H&K PSG-1

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

The H&K PSG-1 is a rare gun. Fewer than 400 are supposedly in the US. My friend Hughes shared these pics with me of a takedown version of the elusive PSG-1. According to Gun Wiki, the PSG-1 costs around $12k – $15k for a new version. I don’t even want to know how much this takedown model costs.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Mechamaster Mechamaster on Nov 07, 2015

    Interesting concept for takedown PSG-1. But personally, I like to see G3-based weapon system with lighweight material and setup, and Quick-change-barrel capability and caliber conversion kit like HK 21 / 23.

    Must be interesting, to see the derivative product like "takedown MP-5" for example

  • Secundius Secundius on Nov 08, 2015

    ONLY $11,995.00 USD. And it's STILL has a AISI/SAE 4150 Mil-Spec. Barrel. They've GOT TO BE JOKING...