The French Union Pistol With Forgotten Weapons

TFB Staffer
by TFB Staffer

Ian of Forgotten Weapons has certainly come up with some unique firearms, but this is the first time I’ve seen a magazine I simply could not pass by. In this review he goes over a French-made Union pistol, which was apparently a full-auto gun – with a horseshoe-shaped magazine. Yes, really.

There’s not much to say by way of introduction other than that this is both fascinating and seriously cool. Unfortunately these are quite rare and hard to come by – I took a wild shot at locating one, found one on Arms List, and was saddened to discover it had already sold. Can you imagine the looks on people’s faces if you sauntered onto the range with this bad, horseshoe-shaped boy? Priceless.

TFB Staffer
TFB Staffer

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