Debunking – or Proving – Urban Home-Defense Legends With Hickok45

    Home defenseĀ is one of the leading reasons for many gun purchases, partly because many people who either do not bother or are not comfortable carrying concealed still want to have a firearm in their home. That’s a discussion for another day, though. Today we’re taking a look at the ins and outs of a household appliance for providing cover. Remember, there’s a difference between cover and concealment, and there are also a number of stories and hypotheses going around regarding the ability of various appliances or pieces of furniture in those areas. Understanding the difference is important as is taking it into consideration in a home defense situation.

    In this video YouTuber Hickok45 uses a dryer as a target, taking aim with everything from shotguns to rifles to pistols, and in varying calibers and loads. It’s an interesting experiment and one that goes beyond being for pure entertainment – this information could quite literally save your life one day. Take a look.

    What appliances or pieces of furniture do you think provide cover – or concealment – and why?

    TFB Staffer

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