More Brace Options From SB Tactical

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

SB Tactical has changed the world of pistols. Infamously known as the “Sig Brace”, the SB15 opened up many options for pistols. Regardless of the ATF letters, it is a product that has significantly altered the firearm industry. I only knew of their two versions offered by Sig Sauer. The SB15 and the SBX.

Well they have four other models. Two of them are for HK style pistols. HK93 MP5 style weapons.

SB tactical also has an AK variant sold exclusively through Century Arms.

The PSG brace is the most interesting. It looks just like a KRISS Vector Stock.

Here is a mockup I photoshopped to show how it would look.

Here is a KRISS Vector SMG for comparison.

If you want to know more or buy one of these new braces, go to SB Tactical’s website.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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