M3 Grease Gun Turned into Police Dept

    A Redditor posted recently about an M3 Grease Gun that someone found in their attic that was turned into the local police department. Don’t worry though, the department is trying to find a museum to take it so it doesn’t end up melted down.

    somebody found this in their attic while laying down new insulation. they turned it in to the PD he works at. Sadly, it was never registered pre 1986… anybody here ever go through this process to save an old gun like this? we could use any help finding a place to take this. I live in MA

    The M3 Grease Gun is an open bolt blowback operated sub machine gun chambered in .45ACP that was adopted by the U.S. Army back in 1942. It was a lighter and cheaper replacement for the Thompson submachine gun. Around 700,000 were produced for the war effort and it was used well into the 1990s aboard armored vehicles in the Gulf War. They’re actually still in use by the Philippine Marines with some upgrades.

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