Yeager Versus Zero

    Thankfully, the shooting industry will never have as much drama and nonsense floating around as Hollywood does. Regardless, a recent drama that has ensued is one where James Yeager pretty much called out Instructor Zero for not being professional enough, Zero responded in kind on Youtube with his own video, and then Yeager responded with an apology. The two should be at SHOT this year, so that will be interesting to see if anything ensues out of it.

    Not picking either side, but just looking at the facts. Yeager makes videos like this quite often, calling out everything from homophobic viewpoints to every 1911 ever made. The fact that he made one about Zero isn’t surprising at all. The two men come from completely different small arms backgrounds, Yeager from law enforcement and Zero from Italian special forces. However I will say this, although I don’t know too much about Zero, I know that the type of men that he trains are mostly government entities that come to him for training. Whereas the overwhelming majority of the people Yeager trains come to him in their off time. Law Enforcement, and Military included. My point is that almost anyone in the States that fits the requirements for Yeager’s classes can and do take them. Whether or not they use the skills they gained in the classes afterwards, is another matter. I’m completely sure that many of them do, in their jobs in Law Enforcement and etc… However, if what I hear about Zero is true, then 100 percent of the students in his classes, literally depend on the skills that they learn, in their jobs. It would be like comparing the Special Operations Medical school that churns out 18 Deltas, to a high risk, civilian ran trauma school in the United States. Although they might teach similar topics, look at where their students are actually taking their skills. Either way, TFB isn’t about to get dragged into any of this.

    All this reminds me of the whole Cory and Erika fiasco, in addition to a small crowd of dis-creditors on Chris Costa for being a Coastie

    Yeager’s first strike

    Zero’s rebuttal

    Yeager’s Apology


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