SALT your Home Intruder

by Miles

A project called SALT- A Safe Gun for a Safe Home has been started on Indiegogo already has over $12,500 raised in just 17 hours. Essentially it is a project aimed at introducing a non lethal solution into a home defense scenario, so no matter who breaks into your house (or while concealed carrying), there is no way you’ll be able to kill the aggressor. The inventors of this product believe that a compressed packet of salt and whatever other magical mixture is included, has the ability to halt and temporarily incapacitate an aggressive intruder or attacker, possibly with the intent on not only stealing, but also physically harming and/or killing the intruder.

From the inventor-

These smart bullets are the magic sauce behind SALT. Engineered to stop an intruder without killing a curious child in case of an accident, these small spheres are a huge leap forward in the tech you need to keep the people you love safe in your home. Includes 10 extra SALT Rounds

That might stop a normal human being in a normal state of mind. But how about someone crazed on drugs intent on doing you harm?

I can't begin to criticize any of this from a serious self defense standpoint.
Picatinny rails are included.

Granted this isn’t a firearm, but it is completely irresponsible of the inventors to not include a safety disclaimer. I don’t care how non lethal this tool is, but I’m absolutely positive that a plastic ball at a muzzle velocity of 320 feet per second can make someone permanently blind, provided it is pointed in an unsafe direction.


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  • Jay Jay on Nov 05, 2015

    So use a salt pistol as your primary weapon? With a Glock as back up of course......

  • Darren Duvall Darren Duvall on Nov 05, 2015

    The Pic rail is on the wrong side. Make one of these that mounts under an AR-15 barrel with a forward trigger like an M203 and you'll sell more of them. I would be interested in a nonlethal option, as long as I had a lethal option as well.