Aftermarket SCAR retractable stock

    A small start up company by the name of Otto Arms LLC, appears to be unveiling an MP5 like retractable stock for the SCAR Light platform. I’ve tried getting in touch with them for more information, but haven’t gotten anything about it at this time, so I cannot even speculate on price. The company seems to have just started up in September, and apart from their stock and promotional women on their Facebook and Instagram pages, don’t have any other products or prototypes to show yet. Despite their lack of website infrastructure, their idea for a collapsible stock is certainly interesting, probably one of the few entrepreneurs outside of FN Herstal itself (on thier PDW variant) that is working on a retractable stock.


    Welcome to Otto Arms, an Engineering Solutions Company specializing in the firearm industry, particularly the FN SCAR platform. Aaron and Nikita Ottosen, your engineers, provide a prestigious background and a passion exercising their constitutional rights provided by the 2nd Amendment.



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