American Sniper Shootout By Tracking Point

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Tracking Point and Chris Kyle Frog Foundation are setting a $1 Million dollar challenge. They are equipping Taya Kyle, widow of Sniper Chris Kyle, with a TrackingPoint Rifle. Her opponent will be professional shooter, Bruce Piatt. Who just won the NRA’s 2015 World Shooting Championship. If he can beat Taya and her TrackingPoint rifle, he will win $1 million dollars.

Having seen Bruce Piatt shoot and win Heavy Optics at this year’s 2015 FNH USA 3Gun Championship, I can say that Taya will have her work cut out for her.

So how can Taya compete against a winning competitive shooter? She will be using a TrackingPoint rifle. TrackingPoint claims that making hits is as easy as marking your target, aligning the reticle and squeezing the trigger. The contest will be a “staged war scenario featuring the same challenging targets our warriors face in combat”. I am not sure what that means as I am a competitive shooter and not a soldier. At FNH USA 3Gun I RO’d stage 3 and saw Bruce Piatt shoot that stage. There were 6 long range targets. From 150 yards out to 400 yards. Then you have to run over to another shooting position and grab your shotgun and shoot aerial clays and steel targets. In order to level the playing field and give Taya the advantage with the TrackingPoint rifle, neither shooter should be able to range find their target. One thing I see in 3Gun matches is how the pros tackle a stage versus me and the rest of the shooters. Pros will scope out the stages a whole day or more in advance. They will laser range find the long range targets so they know where to hold their scopes to make the hits. If Bruce Piatt does not know the distances of the long range targets, then it may slow him down. Tracking Point should play to their strengths. I recall Tracking Point making the claim that their system can track moving targets. Sure there are moving targets in competition but nothing long distance. Usually it is a swinger or a texas star that one would engage at close distances. Having to shoot a moving target out to like 400+ yards will be a real challenge for both shooters, however it may be easier if the Tracking Point rifle can do what they claim. They could also look into shooting targets out past usual 3Gun matches. Targets out to like 600 – 1000 yards can really be considered long distance. I think it would truly test Bruce’s skill level.

It shall be interesting to see how it unfolds.

For more information, you can go to Tracking Point’s website.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Sam G Sam G on Nov 03, 2015

    I wish Tracking Point had selected a different shooter other than Ms Kyle. I'll leave it at that.

  • DL DL on Nov 03, 2015

    Let's pad those elbows Sweetheart. Eye Protection. We're mighty proud of you.