Aridus Industries Goes Live With Self-Crowdfunding

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Adam Roth, owner and founder of Aridus Industries, tried to start a crowdfunding campaign to fund the molds to have his shotgun Quick Detach Carriers injection molded. He ran into a snag. All of the crowdfunding sites turned down his proposal. So he is trying to raise the funds himself on his website.

His goal is to raise $25,000 for the injection mold costs. The benefit to raising the funds himself is that he has access to the funds sooner than through a crowdfunding site, so the contributors can get their perks sooner. Also he does not have to pay a fee to said websites thereby lowering the required amount to raise.

I did a review on the Aridus Industries QDC, if you missed it you can check it out here.

Like any normal crowdfunding campaign, Adam has set different levels of participation.

You can donate $10 to get a thank you on his contributor page. Next levels are $25 for a water jet and coated bottler opener. The cut out is for the piece that will become the carrier latch on the receiver adapter.

A $30 contribution gets you a shirt inspired by various people in the industry, first person gaming, and the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Something Adam and I share a fanaticism for.

For those who want to get in on his QDC, he is offering the QDC system at a discounted price.

The individual carriers are being sold for $37. Mag pouch and shells not included.

You can also buy the detachable carriers in bulk. A 10 pack of carriers is only $350

To actually get started, you will want to get the QDC system. Both the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590 QDCs are available for $125. They come with one receiver adapter and one detachable carrier plus all the required hardware necessary to install the QDC.

Beyond the coolness of getting stuff at discount, Aridus Industries is a company to look out for. Adam Roth is a great guy and is literally a one man show.

Like many of my peers in southwestern Pennsylvania, I grew up hunting and shooting guns. I would enjoy tinkering and modifying anything I owned as a kid, whether it was making my own toys or modifying my own hockey equipment. The hands on, creative side was there from the beginning.

Several years ago I was working midnight shift in a coal mine (it was as fun as it sounds), and I was thinking about various forms of gear loadout and ammo carriage for
various long guns of mine (anything to let my brain wander and help keep me awake in the wee hours of the morning). The AR15 loadout was simple enough to accomplish, however there was not a decent solution for carrying more ammunition for a shotgun- whether it be for military or law enforcement role, or simply as a civilian attending a defensive shotgun class. I had recently seen the Velcro/elastic options for shell carriers only a couple months before this, but didn’t love the idea. In the mine we dealt with industrial strength Velcro all the time (gloves, leg bands, vests, etc). I experienced first hand how quickly Velcro could fail, especially as it becomes dirty. I thought there needed to be a mechanical solution for a detachable shell carrier, and the concept for the Quick-Detach Carrier was born.

Through development of the Q-DC, I have taught myself to use three different 3D modeling programs to design the different parts of the assemblies. From there, I learned to use a CNC milling machine as well as hand writing the g-code to actually mill the parts. I have taught myself to use 2D vector based programs to design the latch used on the Q-DC, as well as learning to use a waterjet to cut the blanks from a sheet of metal. I have taught myself to weld, which has been helpful in building the various presses and jigs used for bending the latch as well as both the latch torsion springs and the carrier retention springs.

To this point I have been a one man show, but now I need support with the injection mold to fully get the Q-DC off the ground.

How could you not want to help a guy like that and a small business to boot? If you want to help or just check out more info on his products, go to his website.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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