POTD: FN SCAR-H with Malaysia’s Elite VAT 69

    Regular TFB contributor Azril writes …

    A few days ago, The Royal Malaysian Police elite para-military unit the VAT 69 celebrated thier 46th anniversary with a open day on 23-24 October. VAT 69 is a famed counter-insurgency / counter-terrorism unit of Royal Malaysian Police that has deep experience from combating everything from Communist insurgents, Philippines terrorists/invaders (2013 “invasion”, see Lahad Datu standoff) to the to Japanese Red Army in WWII. This open day involved the VAT 69 Counter-Insurgency Warfare unit (CIW), Sniper, Counter-Terrorist Team (CTT), Paratrooper and Combat Diving Unit.

    Together with shooting and combat demonstration, there’s a lot of unknown firearms that showed to the public for the first time. One of the interesting new firearms in service is FN SCAR-H and unknown AR-style sniper rifle.

    These photos are from their official Facebook page.




    I also see some M16s, RPG-7 launchers and a FN MAG machine gun HK 21.

    Thanks Azril.

    UPDATE: TFB’s Nicholas C, writes …

    I spoke with my friend in Malaysia and he was there at this event. He works for a Malaysian Gun Dealer and VAT 69 is one of their customers.

    Here are some pics he sent me of the weapons on display.

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