Carve Your Pumpkin Like Jerry Miculek With a .50 BMG

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Sometimes you just have to go with a seasonal theme, and this time of year that means a few of the best pumpkin carving videos. I myself will be heading out to carve a pumpkin using my favorite rifle and it’s inspirational watching Jerry Miculek go to town on his own pumpkins with his trusty .50 BMG. No, I haven’t decided yet whether or not to videotape my own guns and pumpkins day – any opinions out there?

A few tips – if you’re using a larger, heavier rifle, you’ll have a more accurately decorated pumpkin if you use a shooting bench or even go prone. Miculek discovered that himself when he attempted to shoulder his Barrett for round one. Also, pistols just don’t make large enough holes as a general rule, although you could certainly give it a try, just stand closer (and use a large caliber). Rifles tend to make the coolest pumpkins although you’ll notice, of course, the back of your pumpkin will be a wee bit mangled. I like to choose the biggest pumpkin I can find so it’s more likely to survive the onslaught of bullets.

Another fun fall tradition I’ve been carrying out for several years now is rounding up sale pumpkins or the rejects from farms after the season ends. Get as many as you can – my personal collection tends to be well over one hundred each year – find a good outdoor spot, spread them out, and get to it. It’s especially fun with friends and multiple guns. There’s just something about experimenting with the effects of shotguns versus rifles versus pistols on pumpkins, not to mention different types of rounds and calibers, that makes fall an extra special time of year.

Watch the video below to see Jerry Miculek carve his pumpkins using his .50 BMG.

Come on, guys, we want to see your pumpkins!

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  • Tassiebush Tassiebush on Oct 26, 2015

    With 100+ pumpkins it'd be interesting to see how many would be needed to stop different rounds.

  • Claymore Claymore on Oct 27, 2015

    Jerry has the best job going. Just look at him in his videos and you can see he has to be the happiest guy at work ever.